Monday, June 26, 2017

Going Chinese

June 26th, 2017


A new transfer begins. Changes happen. It's always for good. We have transfer day coming up this Wednesday and Elder Marion will leave Brest to the land of promise, Brussels. I will be getting Elder Ho for my penultimate transfer, possibly my last companion. As far as I know, Elder Ho is from Hong Kong and is a convert. I don't know what President was thinking in putting a Hispanic and an Asian together here in Brest, but we're all optimistic about the future.

This past week, we met up with this dude we found on our Finding Day a week ago. His name is Bastien, he's French, young, and actually really open and believing. He accepted the Livre de Mormon happily and committed to start reading it. He really seems like a sincere guy who wants to do what's right.

We finally met with Anina again. She's a very sweet lady. We taught her with our Angolan Frère, Tino. It worked out well. We gave her the whole rétablissement lesson and gave her a BOM reading commitment, which she accepted.

I guess the theme of the week was the Book of Mormon. We had a family home evening, a few rendezvous, and sacrament meeting where a lot of the talks and thoughts were on the power of the Book of Mormon. It's easy to take it for granted, but if we take time to think about it, it's really cool. Everyone can gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon; we just have to do our part in reading it.

It's nice to hear the MTC has those new buildings. It should make all the difference for the learning environment for all of the missionaries.

Also, I did the Brest Special on Friday. The Brest Special is a mission famous truc which is a special crepe made by the Aasbo's in the branch.

For my birthday, we went to  a pasta restaurant for lunch. And the sœurs made a birthday cake. Outside of that, it was a normal day.

Well, I hope all is well, and I wish everyone a wonderful week.


Elder Aburto