Monday, July 24, 2017

Pioneer Day

July 24th, 2017


Happy Pioneer’s Day!

It's been a good week with another Zone Conference and a week full of work in Brest, so let's get to it:

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday and it went great. I can tell President Sorensen feels pretty uncertain and inexperienced about himself, but I know he will do a good job. He emphasized finding and miracles a lot, and made an initiative to have 20 solid contacts per day, and 140 per week. We understand that it's not super easy around here to get that accomplished, but it's possible.

Starting our goal to have 20 good contacts a day (consisting of a principle taught and a commitment extended), we've seen some good fruits already. We found this very nice and open older woman, named Valerie, and we had our first sit down rendezvous with her last week at her house. She's an English professor so her English is basically flawless. She's very catholic and practicing, but didn't say no to having a discussion. So we had a discussion and gave her a BOM. She seemed quite engaged. She's going on vacation soon so we'll probably see her again in a couple of weeks.

Another guy we've met is a man named Jean-Marie. We stopped him on the street and he came off very sympathetic and calm. It turns out that he actually has met with us in the past and had a great time learning from the missionaries and going to church. But all of that stopped for some reason. He considers himself Christian and Jewish and embraces all good things. He's just all-around a good, respectable guy. He's going on vacation this week, too, so we'll see him in a couple of weeks, hopefully.

Our boy Thierry is doing well. He read Alma 22 on his own and marveled at the teachings found therein. He's embracing everything we give him so well, and it's making a difference in himself. He's truly finding the peace and comfort found in the gospel. He has some word of wisdom issues, but we're confident he can fix those.

And voila, there it is. What a better way to celebrate the day when the saints arrived in the Salt Lake Valley to establishe the church, than as a missionary.

I hope you stay safe and have a fantastic week,


Elder Aburto