Monday, July 10, 2017

Une Rencontre Avec Les Sorensen

July 10th, 2017

Hello everyone,

What a nice week we had. It was special because I finally got the opportunity to meet my new mission president, President Sorensen and his family. Boy, do they look young. I swear Pres. Sorensen could be like my older brother because that guy looks like he's in his thirties. My heart goes out to this family because they're so young and all the kids are young. The kids seem to be in really good spirits despite being in a different place with a big language barrier. But anyways, we had our Sorensen Conference in Rennes on Thursday, with the Sorensens. And the parents introduced themselves to us. I noticed a huge focus was PMG. I think their focus will be to apply PMG as much as possible or in other words, to become a PMG mission. I thought it was a good message. I've noticed that 99% of my questions about anything mission-related have been answered through PMG. I also feel like reading the manual really helps us do what we're supposed to the right way. One can notice those people who don't read the manual from the ones who do.

But it is definitely a transition. I can tell right off the bat that they'll be doing things differently from the Babins. But everyone here will have to accept and support what the Sorensens do because at the end of the day, the church is still the same church and Christ is at the driver's seat.

We had our first rendezvous with Thierry, and it went quite well. He's a very open and respectable guy. He is definitely a truth-seeker and will benefit from receiving the restored gospel. We're very excited to continue teaching him.

We, or better said Elder Ho taught this guy that the Sœurs passed to us who is native of China like him, so they talked for a long time in their native language of Mandarin. The guy seemed super nice and interested from watching them discuss. But after discussing with Elder Ho afterwards he said he's way to philosophical and asks lots of hard questions. It apparently didn't get anywhere we would've liked to. Freak, it's like I'm a bleu all over again.

Hopefully this upcoming week we'll be able to find more consistent amis. This upcoming weekend is La Fête Nationale, so lots of action.

I wish you all a successful week,


Elder Aburto